Usually when people talk about buying an annex, they are simply looking for installing walls under their rollout awnings. They simply have to make a choice between the kind of walls they would prefer. Whether they choose to go for an open canvas or shades, it all comes down to their own personal preference.

Choosing the best material for the caravan annex

One of the most interesting debates amongst caravaners is to choose between canvas, vinyl or shade walls. Factors which definitely need to be considered. If you plan on using  vinyl as a material you would have to endure a higher temperature and a great deal of condensation. On the other hand canvas is a better option because it is more breathable. However the drawback with canvas is that it can be quiet heavy. However there is an option of choosing to customize the annex wall in a way that the top path is made up of canvas while the lower half is made up of vinyl. Doing so makes it possible to develop annex which combines the advantage of a canvas and the vinyl so that the walls would hang better.

Some people also prefer using shade walls. Shade walls are comparatively lighter than canvas and vinyl  at the same time provide shade from the sun and allow the wind to pass through.

Choosing the right kind of annex layout

Other things to consider when it comes to choosing annexes walls is to know the correct dimensions of the caravan so that the sizing is accurate. You also need to decide whether you want the walls to be plain or striped. While the color or the design of the vinyl or canvas may not impact the price but a wall which has horizontal stripes does cause the price to go up slightly more than usual.

Another thing which you definitely have to consider is the layout. It comprises of the number of Windows and doors the porch areas for additional rooms which can be extended beyond the awning. Experienced caravaners prefer using flared annex walls because they provide more ample space and can help get rid of the rain water.

If you are looking to customize the awning you should make sure that there are zips at the opening at the corners rather than Velcro because zips make assembling easier and quicker. Also it is more feasible to go for walls which are attached with clips because they require less physical effort.

Another thing which most people overlook is the ventilation. It is essential for all the enclosed areas to have adequate ventilation so that the buildup of combustion can be prevented.

The annex should also provide adequate shade. Care should be taken that the protection from UV radiation is offered by the fabric used for making the annex.

Kakadu Annexes offers all the qualities you are looking for in an ideal caravan annex.