Let’s first talk about the plant and the cadastral survey, but also about the act of origin and the energy certification. The latter, however, is now mandatory: in case you miss it, it is essential to have it prepared by a professional. We must not forget, moreover, the condominium documents in which are reported the thousandths and which specify the balance of annual expenses. In the case of a rented property it is necessary to keep the lease at hand. Finally, later on there might be need for the layouts of the installations and the guarantees: they could as well prepare them immediately.

sell home
alone it consists in relying on the portal casadasoli.it , a free site thanks to which you have the possibility to publish announcements to put your property up for sale. This space on the web was created with the aim of promoting the adverts and increasing their visibility, so that the sellers can be contacted by potential buyers. Therefore, the relationship does not require the intermediation of a real estate agent, but takes place between private and private. Which means, among other things, saving a lot of money on any commissions. The privacy of subscribers, of course, is always respected, to protect the privacy of users.

It is worth considering the possibility of providing a restructuring, even of a modest size, to offer buyers a quality property. Certainly matt plasters and damaged fixtures do not give a good impression, as do encrustations in the bathroom or worn parquet floors. In short, there are many aspects on which perhaps it is better to intervene before the house is placed on the market.

As it is easy to understand, the definition of the price is a passage of fundamental importance for those who decide to sell a house alone. A correct valuation of the building is the indispensable prerequisite for an economic transaction that proves to be convenient. How to do? Even if the real estate agencies make available the possibility of obtaining a basic evaluation for free, you can also proceed independently by consulting the most important ad portals, so as to check the average price per square meter that is applied in the city or in the neighborhood where the house is located. To get even more detailed information, just look at the listings for similar properties in terms of number of rooms or area.