Nowadays, almost every home or business in Canberra has electricity installed, and electrical emergencies occur every time. Therefore, you must choose a qualified and reputable electrician in Canberra who will help you with the electrical faults that may cause a lot of harm to your home or business.

As much as you might feel that you can do by yourself some of the minor electrical installations and repairs, at times, the situation might be critical and dangerous, and you may end up endangering your properties and life as well. These electrical faults cause most of the fire accidents that occur in Canberra. Therefore an electrician is required to do the installations and repairs to avoid accidents. But what are some of the factors that you must consider while hiring an electrician in Canberra? Here are the factors to consider:

Level of professionalism

This is one of the most important factors that every person from Canberra should consider. The best electrician should maintain very high levels of professionalism to avoid accidents. Right from the moment you make contact with your electrician should tell you whether he or she is a professional or not. A professional electrician will always receive clients with a good attitude, and be very friendly, and courteous. The electrician must also communicate with you freely and honestly. He or she must also be flexible enough so that you can strike a deal with them.


When choosing an electrician in Canberra, you must ask whether they have the right certification. The certificate will help you know whether they are qualified for your job. You must also ensure that the certification is from a recognized Canberra authority. Some of the electricians will pretend that they have the required qualifications, and they don’t. They will end up doing your work anyhow and at the end, causing a lot of harm to your home or business. To avoid these regrets later, you should take the time to look for and contract for a qualified electrician who has the relevant certification. Electricians with the right qualifications will offer very high service standards, and you will be assured that the work is perfectly done as you demand.


This is another important credential that every electrician in Canberra must possess. For secure electrical services for your home or business, you must look for an electrician with many years of experience. The working knowledge tells a lot about the electrician. The experience means that the electrician has the required skills and is well trained to offer the services. Experienced technicians will also provide quality electrical services for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their working experience as this will determine the quality of service that you get. You can also look at the customer reviews to gauge their expertise.


Various electricians in Canberra will charge for electrical services differently. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose an affordable electrician. Before making the final decision, it is important that you first compare the pricing of different electricians, but you must be careful not to affect service quality. Search for an electrician who will be flexible to your budget and offers the best services.


Every Canberra electrician must be insured as things may occur during the line of work. To ensure that you are safe, you must look for an electrician who is fully insured and licensed if anything happens during the electrical work. This will help you if an accident arises, as you will not lose your property, because you will be compensated, unlike when you hire an electrician who is not insured or licensed.

 These are the factors that you must always look for when hiring electricians from O’Brien Electrical Canberra. With these factors considered, then you are assured of quality electrical services for your business or home.