there were 33,084 thefts in the UK in the 12 months that led to the end of April 2015 – it is a shocking 90 per day. A recent survey of 1,000 UK for adults, commissioned by UIA Insurance, found that many victims of this shocking crime never feel safe in their homes again. In fact, about a quarter of people felt so insecure after intruders broke into their home that they later had to move.

That had limited monetary value but were “irreplaceable” for them. These included family heirlooms, such as jewelry and ornaments, as well as family photographs.

More than a third who took part in the UIA survey said that having someone break in at home caused a huge blow to their safety and a fifth struggled to be left alone at home. More than half remained angry for months and many were unable to reach closure, mainly because the intruders responsible for more than two thirds of the thefts studied had avoided being discovered or tried.

Moreover, apart from the loss of practical and sentimental articles, a quarter of people have also experienced the anguish of having their own “trashed” property following the interruption, as well as the inconvenience of damage to windows and doors. A shattered window was the most common method of obtaining access from criminals according to the study, while a broken door was the second most likely. All of this helps to paint the reason why it is essential to keep your home safe and invest in complete safety.