Retractable awnings are used by commercial properties and homes to provide an extra living area in outdoor spaces. They help support energy-saving plans and help increase traffic to your commercial property. When considering an awning for your property, find the options available and the kind of shades they provide. Here are a few options to consider when installing a shelter for your home or commercial property.

Slide on track

These are canopies incredibly versatile to protect from the rain and the sun. They glide open and closed sturdy on aluminium runners. The durable canvas folds neatly into pleats when retracted. They are suitable for properties that require full protection when there is rain and sunshine whenever the weather allows.

Slide on wire

Slide on wire type provides cool shade outdoors as well as adds aesthetics to your property. Awnings are made from delicate-looking aluminium wires and clips but incredibly durable. Its shade panels can be retracted or extended from either direction. This option is suitable for properties looking to improve visual appeal and add shade for sunny or rainy days while maintaining the ability to view the sky when needed.

Lateral Arm

They offer a perfect blend of form and functionality to the outdoor space with both style and precision on the awning design. When retracted, the lateral arm lives inside an enclosure mounted onto the walls, thus providing watertight protection. It also integrates with the architectural designs without tampering with the aesthetics. This type is suitable for properties that want rain and sun protection effortlessly.

Tension shades

Tension shades add comfort and modern look to the indoor and outdoor spaces. The design features tensioned membrane fabrics to create overhead shades. They are best suited for structures with free air space and a perimeter wall around. This option is best suited for properties that want dependable shading while keeping its aesthetics.

Vertical screens

Vertical screens offer superior vertical screens, a perfect solution for vertical blinds. They help reduce the amount of solar heat gain inside a building. These types are suitable for people looking to improve their energy efficiency while maintaining aesthetics and style.

Perks of adding awnings to your property

Sun and rain protection is what comes to mind when we talk about awnings. And it’s more than that, and they act like air conditioners by keeping your cool outside and in. Installing an awning over your deck or patio provides shade for your family blocking up to 98% of harmful UV rays. By reducing direct sunlight, temperatures inside decrease too, providing an opportunity for your pets and family to enjoy the cool breeze when the outside is sweltering with the sun’s heat.

Awnings help reduce your energy costs. Instead of powering the AC during a hot summer afternoon, a shelter can lower the temperatures for up to 20F. During winter, close your awnings and let the little sunshine in for extra warmth.

Awnings require less maintenance and little care. Canopies are water repellant and are made from 100% acrylic to beat dust and mildew. They are also available in a range of colours for you to choose what matches with your interior or exterior d├ęcor. To sum it up, awnings Gold Coast enhance your home and lifestyle plus extra living space for you and the members of your family, including pets.