To many people, architects draw and design plans for various structures, including buildings and spaces. That is true – but they can do much more than that. Architects are practical and creative. Beyond understanding structures, materials, and design, these experts are efficient at developing concepts, specifications, detailed drawings, and plans of different buildings and structures.

To be an accomplished architect in Sydney, you at one point must negotiate with planning authorities and builders, inspect works as well as administer building contracts.

  • Site Planning

The very first thing an architect does is carrying out layouts. Here, the architects look at how the land can be used efficiently by looking at prevailing environmental factors and topography. This information becomes relevant for efficient planning.

The entire process involves looking at unique aspects of the land. Additionally, it looks at how to build stronger structures from conceiving the concept.

  • Schematic Design

This step comes right after planning. It is a complex and detailed process where the architect hires various teams to undertake all the other remaining parts. Typically, architects create zonings to help them accomplish tasks on time.

This stage deals with determining structural materials, square footages, HVAC, materials, pricing and code analysis, and life safety. These are important details.

  • Project Planning

Teams working under architects include landscape staff, civil engineers, and mechanical staff. There is a need to develop a program schedule to collect information from these teams. This prevents bottlenecks as the projects progress.

Keep in mind that perfect designs are, as a result, a perfect combination of several factors. Each team channel in their input to start floor and exterior plans and create a rough sketch. This makes architects more than designers because they help clients understand layouts, avoidable challenges, and necessities in the building process.

  • Managing the Progress

An architect is a manager as they watch over the whole planning and construction process. From acquiring construction documents to installing the last systems in a building, an architect is an important part.

Waterproofing, lighting, emergency systems, interior, and exterior finishes, and utilities are under different teams. But the architect supervises and manages the whole process. Besides, the filing of the final construction document is done by the architects.

  • Help in choosing materials

Since they are in charge, architects recommend the right materials for your specific type of construction. Beyond that, they ensure you get the best bargain from builders via the tendering process.

Is it expensive to hire an architect?

The real thought out there is that architects in Sydney are expensive. Contrary to this opinion, hiring an architect can save you a lot of money and hassles in the long run.

For most architects, the costs are in terms of percentages of the entire building cost. Normally, this ranges from 5 % to about 15% -in this case, the architect manages every facet of construction.

For example, if your construction project costs $500,000, the architect will charge between $25,000 and $75,000.

Other architects charge per square meter and each square meter will cost you between $1,200 to $1,680, but it mostly depends on the building.

Here is what architects charge:

  • Initial consultation: this is an initial discussion to define the project and its requirements.
  • Schematic design: rough sketches according to general concepts
  • Design development: in-depth drawings that guide builders but also provide an estimate of the total cost

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