You’ve probably reached for a soda when thirsty at least once in your life, only to feel more sluggish, thirsty, and bloated upon finishing the drink. If this is the case, there is a healthier alternative that will give you the carbonation you crave as well as quench your thirst. Soda water is the perfect, low-calorie alternative to carbonated, sugary drinks.

While getting one drink from a convenience store is a short-term solution, buying an in-home carbonation system is more cost-effective in the long run and allows for more customisation of your soft drink.

What are soda water taps and how can they be beneficial to us?

The most common way is adding carbon dioxide (CO2) to water (H2O) with CO2 canisters. Water carbonation machines can be purchased from online retail stores, as well as CO2 canister replacements. Some systems even come built into refrigerators next to the water and ice dispenser. All that is necessary to purchase after that is replacement canisters.

If you’re more into plain, sparkling water, you need only purchase replacement canisters when one runs out. Or, if you’re trying to be more eco friendly, some canisters can be refilled at specific locations. If you’re more into sugary drinks like soda, different flavored syrups can be bought from retailers online and in person. Simply add the syrup, then add the carbonated water on top and mix it in to create a homemade soda. The flavors range from cola to root beer to fruity sodas, all with different flavor combinations.

Many people don’t know if carbonated water is good or not? As per the evidence, there is no clear evidence that suggests that sparkling or carbonated water is bad for health. Furthermore, it has also been found that this type of water has zero harmful effects on dental health. In another study, it was found out that soda water does not affect the health of your bones. One would be surprised to know that carbonated drinks enhance digestion. How? By improving the ability to swallow and reduce constipation. Moreover, carbonated drinks or soft drinks are low-risk beverages. However, they shouldn’t be considered as an alternative to water.

There are various sparkling water systems that work with the help of all-in-one under-bench units. These units have integrated safety switches, temperature controls, C02 canisters, and water filters. There is also a wide variety of taps available with these systems that offer chilled and boiled water along with sparkling. These soda water taps:

1. Use lever systems that trigger the aeration

2. Use touch-sensitive controls that dispense the different types of water

There different finishes for these systems for different types of home and office decor, such as:

1. Brushed chrome

2. Chrome

3. Matte

4. Matte black

Benefits of sparkling water appliances at home

1. Cost-saving over time as you don’t have to spend as much on bottled water (still or sparkling) and soda

2. Less waste with fewer soda cans and water bottles

3. Easy to use with one or two-step processes

In conclusion, a soda water tap is a great appliance to have at home. It also makes an excellent gift for a loved one. There are a lot of advantages to owning one. They save you money over time, and it causes less waste. It’s a win-win situation.